Eazelly Maker Sessions: Mug Aur Mooch – Art That Empowers

Art with an objective is always art that makes the greatest difference. Mug Aur Mooch imbibes in its products a vibrancy and a sense of purpose that further embellish the beauty of the product.

Mug Our Mooch brings to the consumer a handcrafted freshness that is made with an objective to inspire.

Anushri Chordia, the co-founder, encourages the world to revisit the art of writing again.

Dog Series Pocketbook- Corgi

The origin of the name “Mug Aur Mooch” has an interesting meaning. “Mug” is a reference to morning coffee that leaves us rejuvenated for the day and “Mooch” is indicative of the pride the creators take in their products.

Their signature product- the handcrafted books are made of colorful pages with quirky designs and geometric figures that are embroidered by hand. The entire process from binding to finishing and cutting is carried out by hand by trained craftswomen.

These craftswomen are personally trained by Anushri to perfect the art. With a keen eye for detail and an innovative sense of design, these women are fast becoming self-reliant. They are being empowered in the true sense of the word- they make their own money, through their own craft.

Geometrical Arts

Eazelly is proud to be associated with Mug Aur Mooch. Visit this link to Shop Heartmade!

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