A Pursuit Of Pleasure With Hedonista

 In the pursuit of pleasure, in being true to one’s desires, in the love of beautiful things and in the name of natural, handmade luxury, Hedonista takes pride in representing one’s many moods- unexpected, surprising, whimsical.

A brand which believes in unabashed indulgence and self-love, Hedonista emerged as a luxury beauty brand that promised an unparalleled experience. It’s only fair to expect that this brand believes in a natural approach and a no animal testing policy.

Clear Moisturiser – light, gel based

In a market crowded with brands based on Ayurvedic remedies and clinical solutions, Hedonista differentiates itself through its philosophy of Hedonism which is about the pursuit of pleasure and all things indulgent.

Pillow Mist With Roman Chamomile and Clary Sage

From getting ready for a meeting to dancing under the moonlight, Hedonista products are about finding decadent, sustainable luxury in the everyday.

With an extensive range of 19 products made using gentle food grade preservatives and none of those harmful parabens, sulphates, silicones, artificial colorants or fragrances, Hedonista products span across the categories of Hair Care, Skin Care, and Fragrances. From seed to husk, Hedonista respects their ingredients and believes in implementing zero artificial colorants. Each ingredient is sourced from top-quality suppliers and is combined with others to create amalgamations that pamper, nourish and restore the body.

Wine and Milk Soap Combo Soap

Taking their initiatives a notch higher, Hedonista designs their packaging to be completely recyclable. Hedonista tin jars have been designed for an afterlife in your home. Simply soak them in water overnight to peel off the labels and use the jars as you wish.

Hedonista’s super indulgent range includes products like Hair Perfume, which is reminiscent of Mughal princesses smoking their hair with fragrance, a delicious chocolate face mask called Face Soufflé, a gourmet range of soaps with exotic ingredients like wine, beer, Himalayan pink salt, etc., and Frozen Ittars which embody the essence of traditional ittars.

Argan Hair Conditioner

It is also available offline through Silhouette salons at the Oberoi Delhi, Trident Mumbai, and The Claridges Delhi. In Chennai, the brand retails at Maalgaadi, a unique, curated lifestyle store. It is also available in Thalassa, in Goa.

They’re here to make your every moment ‘me-time’, with love for yourself and the whole wide world. Take a deep breath, and surrender to the rituals brought to you by Hedonista.

Shop their exquisite collection on https://hedonista.eazelly.com. The brand is available online through its website www.hedonista.in.

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