Handmade Home Accents

bougainvillea_tuni_summer_2016_cushion_covers_hand_made_tunitalesCushion covers adorned in florals 

With love for all things handmade and exclusive, the concept of making art and weaves meet evolved. With a formal education in Textile Design and the passion for handcrafting unique homes, TUNI was born in 2014 by Mrinmayee Kundalia. A few of its products include cushion covers, bed linen, kitchen linen, table linen etc.

????????????????????????????????????Popular Patachitra Art

The name, TUNI stands for Textiles, yoU aNd I and was chosen to fall in line with a 2-step design process of intimate furnishings. Mrinmayee co-creates custom textiles for clients’ homes as she mingles to draw in from their travels and inspirations. She then collaborates with artists to develop never seen before, special editions.

ikat_collection_tuni_home_decor_hoe-textiles_handmade_2016_tunitalesThe Ikat Collection from TUNI-Tales 

TUNI incorporates various techniques, for instance, while weaving it incorporates yarn dyes, hand woven Ikats and also hand spun Khadi. Within art forms, the label focuses on Kalamkari, Patachitra amongst other methods of painting. Mrinmayee maintains, “For me luxury lies in the handmade connect”. 

Ahmedabad_01bougainvillea_2016_tuni_taes_summer_collectionSuper functional and easy to care for fabrics

The brand aims to improve the quality and longevity of its inventory. With a variety of pre-processes set in place, each item goes through rigorous rounds of testing to ensure it does not fade shrink or run colors. What’s worth mentioning is the zero waste doctrine that assures bits of unwanted cloth are used to create floor mats, shopping bags, souvenir pin cushions etc.

thumbnail_tuni_bougainvillea_pink_frills_cotton_cushion_coverThe Bougainvillea Collection; bring home summer 

Mrinmayee is currently working on The Bougainvillea Collection that highlights textures and fabrics. Inspired by shades of the tree adorning streets during summer, this line accentuates raw beauty. The unevenness and slight imperfections of the material brings out a handmade connect, while attention is drawn to Khadi with the use of Chanderi and Silks.

thumbnail_Mrinmayee with the bougainvillea coll.Mrinmayee posing with her creations 

TUNI household finishing’s are available between the ranges of Rs. 650 to Rs. 20,000/- For new collections and events, be sure to follow them on- https://www.facebook.com/TUNIInteriors