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In a market which is still mired in the “Quantity, Not Quality” mindset with no regard for the environment, Savitha Rao ventured to found an eco-style company which focuses on creating a sustainable, joyous and equitable world.  An environmentalist and a women’s empowerment activist, her journey towards a sustainable future had unlikely origins. After working years in international marketing, she decided to start off on her own.

Moving to embracing sustainability in every aspect of her life as well as her career, she founded Clean Planet.


Kalamkari Sling Bags 

  An eco-brand which aims to introduce sustainability in a practical, efficient and stylish way in everyday life, Clean Planet creates products which are enduring in design as well as quality. Inspired from nature and India’s textile heritage, all of the products reflect the spirit of our rich cultural ancestry. Fabrics sourced from various parts of India as well as vintage fabrics are woven with love and care to craft stunning accessories.

Globe Trotter Classic Mini Backpack

Be it the planet friendly sleeves for tablets and laptops or the Shibori collection in the handcrafted range, every product has customers falling in love with the texture and the style. They have even pioneered various products like eco-friendly bags with inspiring messages and poems, eco-veggie bags to eliminate plastic from refrigerators and eco-gift bags which make gifting fun and environment-friendly. Their ‘Celebrate India’ range has received love from Indians and Americans. They are currently working on a range with Katran which are small bits of fabric.

Celebrate India Range

  All of these products are crafted with skill and precision. Mindful of their responsibility to the environment, care is taken to ensure that no plastic zips or Velcro are used in any of their textile products. Every product undergoes a rigorous quality check at every stage of production. A big believer in bringing change at every stage of creation, their livelihood programme ‘Clean Planet – Empower’ trains women’s groups based in remote places in rural Maharashtra in crafts and embroidery. These groups have successfully developed creative products like fabrics coasters and placemats using upcycled fabrics.

Auto Rickshaw Pouch

  With a view to making their products available to everyone, Clean Planet sells its products online through its own webstore as well as through online portals such as Eazelly.  

  Having not only incorporated a planet-friendly approach in her personal life as well as her career, Savitha started a civic campaign called ‘India Kuch Kar’ to bring this approach to every person’s life. An open-source campaign with anyone using it to make a difference , it has focused on cleanliness, safety for women, vote for change and save water. Ideas from ‘India Kuch Kar’ were appreciated by PM Modi in his MannKiBaat.

 Traditional Potli

Perhaps the biggest recognition for her work in the space of sustainability came in 2016 when ‘Giants International’ awarded Ms. Savitha Rao with the ‘Woman Achiever Award’. 

A company that stresses on ‘planned permanence’ rather than ‘planned obsolescence’, Clean Planet brings you a wide range of products that endure in quality and design without compromising on style and efficiency. It is a necessary pit-stop on our journey to a clean and eco-friendly future.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit Clean Planet on:
Twitter – @clean_planet
Instagram – _cleanplanet


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