Baby Atelier – Bedding For Your Little One

Payal Karumbiah’s background in design helped create Baby Atelier – a brand which believes in providing wholesome bedding for your tiny tots.

Baby Atelier provides you with eco-friendly bedding made from organic fabric, to ensure that every child sleeps in a clean space.

 Pillow Cover

A sound sleep only comes from the purest of resting grounds. The Baby Atelier manufactures chemical-free, well-fitted crib sheets so that your tiny tot can have a blissful time even when asleep.

Fitted Crib Sheet

Built with organic cotton, this baby blanket is akin to a mother’s tender arms. Wrap your baby in this soft and perfectly warm blanket and he is sure to enjoy a blissful sleep.

Baby blanket

Products are designed with a thoughtful color scheme to introduce the kids to one color at a time.

Flat Sheet Regular

The brand provides you with a range of products to pamper your baby with including a host of pillow covers, fitted crib sheets, bolster covers and blankets.

Bolster With Raindrops

If you’re looking to swaddle your babies in some loving warmth, look no further – Baby Atelier is the place for you.

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