Alma Libre – Decor with a Twist

A creative one since childhood, Khushboo Jalota loved to make discarded items into gorgeous DIY products. She loved the idea of turning trash to treasure, and thus left  her corporate job to pursue her passions to found Alma Libre.

A unique home décor brand, Alma Libre stands true to its name which means free-spirited in Spanish. This free-spirit is reflected in its products which are also upcycled and take inspiration from nature . The warmth and care that goes into each hand-crafted product always shines through.

Stunning examples of this are the unique bottle lamps, the disruptive paintings and the decoupage items of rare prints.

Seahorse Bottle Lamp

Get your daily fix of the ocean, here


 The work that goes behind crafting such creative products is immense with the basic idea of the product itself formed by sketching or by using moodboards. Then the product is cleansed and primed, painted and designed to finally give the final piece.

Quality is never compromised in the entire process with upcycled products being sanitised and then varnished for water-proofing.

 Being a one-woman army, getting the brand out there and making people realize the beauty of handmade products is tough. But Khushboo manages to keep on top of things by finding time to relax by listening to music, taking a stroll or observing nature & people. No wonder then that her favorite product is Buddha’s vibrance painting which portrays the happiness and peace that he brings.

Buddha’s Vibrance

Find peace within chaos, here


For the comic fan in you, Alma Libre brings this decoupaged Archie comic tray that is handmade to be a unique interior decor product.

Archie Comic Tray

Go back to your childhood here!

Let’s face it- we’re all a little crazy at times! Embrace your quirkiness with this Quirky Message Bottle by Alma Libre! It is created using upcycled bottles and handpainted in acrylic paints.

Quirky Message Bottle

Chalk your thoughts on bottles here.

Khusbhoo is a creative thinker and an enthusiastic doer.

She had a dream and today, Alma Libre stands gloriously, enriching our decor with inspiring artwork! One such piece is this painting that encourages us to do exactly what Khushboo did! Bag a 20% off on this pastel painting and dream away, my friend!

Follow Your Dreams right here!

A brand which was started as the result of the founder’s passion for DIY products, Khushboo Jalota has worked day and night to establish Alma Libre’s presence online. If you’re looking for something which resonates with the free-spiritedness of your soul, then look no further.

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